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Cathy’s Secret

Hi everyone. Happy Friday and a fantastic weekend. I hope you all will get the chance to relax and unwind. If you are looking for a sizzling romance to read this weekend, you might like to try “Cathy’s Secret” It will not disappoint.

After her parents got divorced Cathy was okay with her mother dating again. That was until Todd Ramsey moved in. Cathy was determined to hate her mother’s new boyfriend. The last thing she expected was that she would fall in love with him. Todd was handsome, oozing sex appeal, and downright irresistible. Cathy found herself caught up in a whirlwind of lust, passion, and desire. Every moment with Todd felt like sweet surrender. They had to keep their love a secret, but Cathy soon found out some secrets are hard to keep.

Post a link to your book, along with a blurb in the comment so we can browse each other’s books. If I find them interesting, I will buy a book or two. It can be in any genre. Looking forwards to see those links!

If You Choose to Fall in Love

A Writer

If you choose to fall in love,
Fall in love with a writer,
but know you will live in the pages
of a poem, linger in the words of a song
be engraved in the ink of a plot
twisting you fate and heart
into a tempestuous knot.
If you choose to fall in love,
fall in love with a writer.
One who will hand you the world,
drawn and painted in metaphors
of a troubled mind, where
nothing is simple, not even a line.
If you choose to fall in love,
fall in love with a writer-
your life will never be the same.
They’ll weave stories of yesterday,
in the webs of your hair
breathe the sky of the morning,
lure you to their lair.
So, if you choose to fall in love
fall in love with a writer.
One who truer will never be;
fall in love with a writer…
with a writer like me.

A Love Poem

I Love you

Loving ethnic couple hugging and kissing while standing near window at home

I love you means I care about and I respect you. Your happiness matters.

It means I will not take you for granted, or think only of myself and not you.

I love you means, I will stand by you, in good times and bad

and no matter what comes our way, together we will face it.

You are my soulmate; and if I had to, I would choose you all over again.

A Love Poem

I Miss you

Photo Of Man Wearing Denim Jacket

I count every minute of every single day
Time seems to have stood still since you went away.
I miss your smile, I miss your laughter,
I miss your gentle touch,
I miss making love with you,
Honey I miss you oh so much.
We talk on the phone but it’s not the same,
at night in my dreams I whisper your name.
I can’t wait till you are back home,
and safe in my arms,
Until then I pray that God will protect you,

And keep you from all harm.

Love Poem

Bitter Sweet Memories

Interracial couple lying on grass and laughing – Jacob Lund ...

I remember warm summer nights
When you would hold me tight
and whisper sweet nonsense in my ears.
You had charisma and sex appeal
You filled me with your essence
I felt intoxicated by your presence.
I thought we had a forever love
Until that day you left without a goodbye.
You took away the sunshine
And now winter’s ice tugs at my heart
When I think of you.